About Mayfair Gallery – Eric Stepniewski
Mayfair Gallery is a leading gallery in the field of art, antiques and design.

The breadth of the gallery’s collection is wide, and includes items from a range of periods, styles and geographical origins, including works by famous artists and craftsmen.

All of the pieces sold by Mayfair Gallery are of consistently high quality, and exemplify the skill of the artisan responsible.

It is this emphasis on quality that unites Mayfair Gallery’s collection of diversely exquisite pieces.
The gallery was founded by Mati Sinai in 1975.

Mati first began in antiques in London in the 1970s, and he remains the Managing Director of the gallery today.

Having taken a keen interest in antiques and their historical importance from a young age, Mati travelled the globe in search of rare and important objects.

His philosophy of providing exceptional pieces and unsurpassed service remains at the core of Mayfair Gallery’s ethos.

Mati’s sons, Jamie and Daniel, are now an integral part of the Mayfair Gallery team.
Mayfair Gallery are delighted to be working with Eric Step, to develop a line of exceptional furnishings that are made with the same intricate details and custom processes as those from centuries gone by.

It is this focus on quality above all else that ties the new items created masterfully by Eric Step with the antique pieces that form Mayfair Gallery’s collection.

As such, Mayfair Gallery is proud to offer both the ‘antiques of today’ and the ‘antiques of the future’.