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Terms and conditions

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Legal Information & Notices

I - Introduction

1. The Administrator of the ericstepbymayfair.com online store (the "Store") is MAROMER Andrzej Stepniewski with its registered office in Warsaw (postal code 04-605), at ul. III Poprzeczna 11, with the tax identification number (NIP) 113-000-05-59.

e-mail: eric@ericstepbymayfair.com

tel: +48 501 110 000 (the "Administrator", "MAROMER").

The Customer may contact the Administrator using the data indicated above.

2. The Store enables purchasing of goods by means of the electronic network (the Internet).

3. These Terms and Conditions are addressed to all users of the Store and determine the principles of making the registration and using the Store account, principles of placing orders in the Store and the principles of concluding agreement for sale of goods.

4. Access to the Terms and Conditions may be obtained by each user at any time, by "clicking" on the "Terms and Conditions" link located on the Store website.

5. Information about the products in the Store, e.g. Descriptions or prices constitute an invitation to submit an offer to conclude a sales agreement within the meaning of Article 71 of the Civil Code, in accordance with provisions of the Terms and Conditions.

6. The goods in the Store are precisely labeled. The website contains information on the properties of the product, its price and the material it is made of. Dimensions provided are approximate and may comprise estimates in certain circumstances. All products are hand-made, among others with natural stone, fabric, crystal, glass therefore color may differ from presented on pictures. We ask that customers clarify with us any dimensions that are essential to their decision making.

7. The pictures and presentations of the products offered are used for the presentation of the models specifically indicated therein.

II - Rules of Using the Store

1. MAROMER allows for concluding agreements for the sales of the goods presented in the Store via the Internet website ericstepbymayfair.com and provides other services determined in these Terms and Conditions.

2. The agreement for sale of goods shall be concluded between the user of the Store (the "Customer") and MAROMER with its registered office in Warsaw.

3. Recording, providing and access to the material provisions of the agreements concluded by means of distance communication shall be made by printing out and providing the Customer with the proof of purchase (VAT invoice) together with the goods’ delivery.

4. The commencement of the use of the Store is conditioned by reading these Terms and Conditions and their acceptance.

5. The information provided by the Customer in the course of submitting the order shall be true, valid and accurate. MAROMER reserves the right to refuse performance of the order, in the event when the given data are so inaccurate as to prevent the performance of the order, in particular, prevent the correct delivery of the shipment. Before the refusal to perform the order, MAROMER shall attempt to communicate with the Customer in order to determine the data in the scope enabling the performance of the order.

6. The Store shall take all possible and ordered by relevant provisions of law, technical and organizational measures aimed at protecting personal data of the Customers, in particular to prevent obtaining and modification of the data provided at the registration and placing of the order by unauthorized persons.

III - Conclusion of the Sales Agreement

1. In order to conclude an agreement for sale, please place an order by adding a product to the basket and finalizing the transaction or place your offer through the "make an offer" function on the Store website ericstepbymayfair.com.

2. The Store ericstepbymayfair.com accepts orders and offers submitted on-line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your order or offer will be accepted by Store within 24 hours during business days. Orders and offers placed on statutory holidays shall be performed on the first business day following the day on which the order or offer was made.

3. The Customer may not be able to place the order without the necessity of prior registration (so-called purchases without registration).

4. The order may be placed provided that all the required data necessary for shipment are filled out in the form.

5. To place the order, products from the available offer of the Store, their colors, size and quantity must be selected by adding them to the shopping cart.

6. Until the Customer clicks on the button "Review order”, the Customer has the possibility to make changes and modifications to the products in the order, as well as contact details for shipment or invoice.

7. Placement of the order by the Customer (approval by clicking on the button "Review order” is equivalent to the Customer’s offer submitted to MAROMER regarding the conclusion of the Agreement for Sale, in accordance with the contents of the Terms and Conditions and the order placed.

8. The Store sends the confirmation of accepting the Customer’s offer submitted via electronic mail ("Confirmation of the order performance acceptance"), to the e-mail address indicated by the Customer. The confirmation shall also include the information referred to in Article 12 section 1 of the Act on the consumer rights.

9. The Agreement for Sales shall be concluded in English, having contents compliant with these Terms and Conditions.

10. The Store reserves the right to refuse to perform the order under the Agreement for Sales, in the event that :

  • the Purchaser’s contact details are so inaccurate that they prevent the delivery of goods
  • the transaction has not been successfully authorized in the electronic payment system
  • payment for the order has not been made within 5 business days from the order placement.

IV - Delivery and Collection

1. The deadline for the performance of the order in the Store included in the order summary is the most likely duration of preparing the products for shipment to the Customer. In exceptional situations, the time for performance of the order is confirmed by the employee during the contact with the Customer, subject to section 2 below. The Store makes efforts to release the product to the consumer immediately, however not later than within 14 business days.

2. The products are delivered free of charge until December 31st 2021 to the specified address worldwide by selected by MAROMER forwarding company.

3. The customs duties are paid by Customer. The customs duties at the receipt of shipments are calculated in accordance with the applicable law of the country to which the item is sent, and the Store has no influence on their amount.

3. The total and maximum deadline for the performance of the order should not exceed 75 business days as some items has to be created before shipping. Commencement of the order performance may be delayed until the selling price is credited on the Store’s bank account.

4. A proof of purchase (a VAT invoice) is enclosed with each good sent.

V - Prices and Payment Methods

1. There are two ways to make a purchase on our website:

a. Purchase by adding to cart

Customer adds products to the cart, confirms the purchase and makes the payment. The store sends confirmation of order acceptance and begins the transaction.

b. Purchase by submitting an offer

The customer adds products to the cart and then submits his price offer to the Store ericstepbymayfair.com. Within 24 hours (on working days) the customer will receive information about the acceptance or rejection of the price offer. If the offer is received on a Christmas day, the Store will respond on the next business day. In case of acceptance of the price offer sent by the customer, the Store sends order confirmation. Goods are sent within 10 business days of receiving payment for the order.

2. The prices of the products in the store are provided in Euro and are exclusive of VAT. The prices do not include the amount of the customs duty if the determined delivery address for the order is outside the territory of the Republic of Poland.

3. The Customer shall pay the price for the ordered products according to its choice: by bank transfer or via electronic payment made in the payment system prior to the delivery. If the Customer selects the payment method in the form of down payment, the lack of receipt of the payment to the bank account of Store or transaction intermediaries within 5 business days from the order placement shall result in order cancellation. In such a situation, the order may be placed again and another form of payment may be selected. The performance of the order payable by wire transfer or credit card begins after the receipt of the amount due for the goods.

4. If the Customer selects the option of the goods delivery outside the territory of the Republic of Poland, in accordance with the principles of these Terms and Conditions, the payment of the goods’ price is possible only in the form of electronic payment.

5. MAROMER reserves the right to change the prices of the goods available in the Store ericstepbymayfair.com, to introduce new products for sale, carry out promotional campaigns on the Store websites or introduce such changes in accordance with the standards of the Civil Code and other acts, provided that such changes do not infringe the rights of the persons which concluded the agreement for sale of goods offered by the Store prior to making the above-mentioned changes or rights of persons authorized to use a given promotion in accordance with the principles and in the period of its duration.

VI - Commercial Warranty and Complaints

1. The products offered in the Store ericstepbymayfair.com are brand new and original. MAROMER is obliged to deliver to the Customer items without defects.

2. MAROMER shall be liable for defects in the item (commercial warranty). This liability is regulated in the provisions of the Civil Code (the "C.C."), in particular in Articles 556, 556 [1] -556 [3] of the Civil Code and Article 559-561 of the Civil Code.

3. MAROMER shall take actions in order to ensure full correct operation of the Store, ericstepbymayfair.com to the extent which results from the current technical knowledge and undertakes to remove all irregularities reported by the Customers within reasonable time.

4. Each item purchased in the Store ericstepbymayfair.com may be subject to complaint upon the terms and conditions of complaints specified in the relevant laws if it has physical defects or legal defects.

Complaints may be submitted by returning the goods together with a written description of the defect by forwarding company, to the address: MAROMER Szczesliwa 32, 05-074 Warsaw, Poland, with the note: "Complaint Online Store". The Customer shall receive information about how the complaint will be examined within 14 days from the date of the Store having received shipment containing the goods subject to complaint. If the data or information specified in the complaint have to be supplemented, before examination of the complaint, MAROMER shall request the Customer for their completion in the indicated scope. The period of 14 days shall be calculated from the date of submission of the information necessary to examine the complaint.

5. Should the complaint be rejected, the goods shall be sent together with the opinion regarding the grounds for the complaint being unjustified.

6. If the Customer finds product damage occurred during transport, it is recommended to the Customer to draw up, at the presence of the courier the so called damage report.

7. Where the consumer is not the purchaser, the liability of MAROMER under the commercial warranty is excluded.

VII - Withdrawal from the Long-Distance Agreement

1. The Consumer who concluded a long-distance agreement, may withdraw from it within 14 days without cause.

2. The deadline for the withdrawal from the agreement shall expire after the lapse of 14 days from the date on which the consumer entered into the possession of the item.

3. In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, the consumer shall inform MAROMER (ul. Szczęśliwa 32, 05-074 Halinów, Poland, e-mail: eric@ericstepbymayfair.com, tel. + 48 501 110 000, about the decision on withdrawal by unequivocal declaration (e.g. by means of a letter sent by mail or e-mail).

4. To meet the deadline for withdrawal from the agreement, the consumer should send to MAROMER the information on exercising the consumer’s right to withdraw from the agreement prior to the expiry of the deadline for the withdrawal from the agreement.

5. In the event of withdrawal from the agreement, MAROMER shall refund to the consumer all payments received (with the exception of additional duty costs resulting from consumer country law), immediately and in any case not later than within 14 days from the date on which MAROMER was informed by the consumer about the consumer's decision on the withdrawal from the agreement. The payments shall be refunded using the same methods of payment which were used by the consumer in the original transaction, unless the consumer has agreed clearly to another solution.

6. MAROMER may withhold the payment refund until the receipt of the return of the item.

7. In the event of withdrawal from the agreement, the consumer shall send back or deliver the item to MAROMER to the address: ul. Szczęśliwa 32, 05-074 Halinów, Poland, immediately and at any time not later than 14 days from the date on which the consumer informed MAROMER on the withdrawal from the agreement. The deadline is met if the consumer sends the item back prior to the expiry of the 14-day deadline.

8. The consumer shall bear direct costs of the item return.

9. The consumer is responsible only for the reduction of the item's value arising from using it in a manner other than it was necessary to ascertain the nature, features and functioning of the item.

VIII - Information on Services Provided Electronically

1. The Administrator shall provide the Customers with the following services electronically :

  • a) enabling on-line conclusion of agreement for sale of goods in the Store ericstepbymayfair.com in accordance with these Terms and Conditions,
  • b) possibility of creating Customer’s accounts in the Store,
  • c) transmitting the ordered commercial information concerning the goods.

2. The Customer is entitled to withdraw from the agreement for sale of goods in accordance with the relevant law and following the principles specified in these Terms and Conditions. In addition, the Customer is entitled at any time to demand the provision of the services specified in point 1 sub-points b) and c) above be ceased by the Store.

3. The technical conditions of the provisions of electronic services by the Store are as follows:

a. Internet access,

b. using the web browser enabling editing of hypertext documents (such as: Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, Safari),

c. e-mail account.

4. Complaints concerning the services provided by the Administrator electronically may be submitted by sending the complaint to the e-mail address: eric@ericstepbymayfair.com or by means of the contact form available in the Store. The Customer's complaint should include the designation of the recipient of the service and a brief description of the complaint. The Store shall use all reasonable efforts to examine the submitted complaints as soon as reasonably practicable, however, not later than 14 days from the date of receipt of the Complaint by the Store. The Customer shall be notified about how the complaint will be examined by phone or by a message sent to the e-mail address indicated by the Customer.

5. Depending on the settings of the Customer’s web browser, MAROMER may introduce to the ICT system used by the Customer, cookie files which do not form part of the contents of the services provided by the Store, and which allow later identification of the Customer entering the Store websites and are used by the Store in order to facilitate the use of the Store by the Customer, as well as in order to monitor the operations of the Customers on the Store websites. The Customer may, at any time, disable the possibility to use cookies by the Store through appropriate settings on the Internet browser.

6. The Administrator informs that it makes every effort in order to ensure the maximum safety for the Store users. However, the Administrator informs that the particular risk associated with the use of the Store, like in case of any other websites, is a potential risk of obtaining unauthorized access to the Store by third parties (the so-called hacking), which may cause unexpected change of the operation of the Store.

IX - Personal Data

1. The personal data of the Customers provided during the registration in the Store are processed by MAROMER exclusively in order to perform the orders and use the Store’s ericstepbymayfair.com services, and they may be also be processed for marketing purposes provided that the Customer agrees thereto in a separate declaration. The Customer shall have the right to complete, update and correct the personal data, temporary or to permanently withhold the permit for their processing or to demand their removal. The data are provided voluntarily.

2. Where delivery by courier shipment is selected, the personal data of the Customers shall be entrusted to forwarding company in order to provide the services.

X - Final Provisions

1. Failure to accept the provisions of these Terms and Conditions prevents the purchase of the goods offered by the Store. The Store shall enable the Customer to read the Terms and Conditions when placing the order.

2. Polish law shall apply to agreement for sale of goods in the Store ericstepbymayfair.com.

3. Matters not regulated in these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the provisions of the Civil Code or the provisions of other legal acts applicable to the operation and functioning of the Store.

4. The court competent to settle disputes is the court of jurisdiction competent according to the applicable law.

5. Only to the extent permitted by the law, MAROMER reserves the right to make changes to the Terms and Conditions, in particular resulting from a change in the applicable law affecting the provisions of the Terms and Conditions. Changes to the Terms and Conditions become effective within 14 days from the date of the publication thereof on the Store website. Changes to the Terms and Conditions shall apply to the orders placed after the relevant change to these Terms and Conditions. The Customers who own a Store account shall be informed about the change to the Terms and Conditions via e-mail correspondence. The Customer who does not accept changes introduced to the Terms and Conditions shall have the right to delete the account at any time.

6. All trademarks and the company names presented in the Store are property of their legal owners.